4-H-er's Guide to Sustainability: A Hands-on Workbook

Design for Community, Fall 2010

The objective of this project was to explain The Natural Step framework in a format and manner appropriate for my intended audience. I chose to create a sustainability workbook for use by 4-H clubs (ages 12-18). Each principle of The Natural Step is set up as a learning unit with simplified information and hands-on activities to deepen their understanding. Each unit is also connected to one of the four values of 4-H: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.

I presented this guide to the Minnesota 4-H office in hopes of actually publishing it. Although they did not, I lead two sustainability sessions at the Anoka County 4-H Spring Workshop Day in 2011 that were based on some of the activities in this book. Anoka County 4-H has continued to use my "Make your own green cleaners" activity at other events.
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