Lake Hiawatha Anthropecenic Midden Survey Exhibit
Design of impactful banners and call-to-action activity in support of local sustainable art exhibition
2013 AIGA (Re)design Awards
An international design competition celebrating sustainable and socially-responsible designs, brands and stories.
Reusable and Sustainable Sign Project
Creation of reusable signs for AIGA Minnesota events
AIGA MN Sustainable Design Wall Display
The Sustainable Design Committee was asked to curate a wall for AIGA MN Design Camp 2012. We created a sustainability themed display wall with homemade chalkboards and hand lettering to promote our committee and all the fun earth saving activities we do with design. credits: Hunter Marks, Hannah Helgerson, Liping Vong, Amy Dritz, Leah Manns, Jayna Sinns, Melanie Stovall
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