Bus Stop Signs

Bus stop improvement project

What originally started out as a brand update to Metro Transit's bus stop signs, morphed into a 2-year-long project to test and implement improved customer information at over 10,000 bus stops across the transit system. (Signs are currently being phased in through 2017.) 

Bus Stop signage improvements include: 
- route numbers of buses serving the stop
- bus stop identification number which cutomers can use to get NexTrip real-time schedule information in a variety of ways
- general contact information and branding reinforcement
- stops with higher ridership also have detailed signs showing a basic map of where the route goes and a frequency chart
- stops served by a multitude of buses utilize the same sign but have a larger NexTrip decal and additional sign panels for route numbers

Shelter poster improvements include:
- better heirarchy of information
- addition of route maps
- information on how to get real-time schedule information
- basic contact and fare information

Systems thinking and design goals:
- determined the most important information needed by customers waiting at the bus stop
- improved customer experience and rider confidence by providing reassurances at the stop
- met accessibility and readability for visually impaired (font size, sign mounting height, contrast, etc.)
- considered ongoing processes needed to create and maintain design files and sign inventory, and ensure information is always up to date and accurate
- considered costs to produce and maintain physical signs

My roles included creating draft designs, gathering feedback from internal stakeholders and external customer focus groups, and working with vendors to determine best materials. I also applied systems thinking throughout the project to ensure the signs provided the right level of information for customers while considering the long-term needs for production and maintenance of these signs in the future. 
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