Green Line Opening

Promotions, invitation and commemorative pin set for new rail line 

Multiple promotional pieces, including a wrapped bus, posters, and a website countdown clock, were created to generate excitement and bolster attendance at a launch event for the newest light-rail line between Minneapolis and St. Paul. The “destination anywhere” badge and theme represented the diverse cultural neighborhoods, entertainment venues, and iconic landmarks that this new line connected.

For the Opening Day Celebration, a set of commemorative pins was made representing stations along the line. Attendees were encouraged to travel the line and stop at special stations to collect a pin and check out the unique community events happening. The collected pins could be clipped onto the specially designed Opening Day brochure, which provided a map and list of activities for the day. It also contained a calendar of summer events being held in the communities along the Green Line to encourage people to ride the train again and support the local businesses (who had endured two-years of construction).

The Opening Day invitations provided a unique challenge with many events happening over the course of 2 days, including a VIP dinner for supporters, a public official’s breakfast, and a ribbon cutting ceremony—and not everyone was invited to all the events. To avoid the expense of producing and mailing multiple invitations, a general Opening Day “wrapper” was designed to hold from one to three cards. Each card had a separate event on it and could be stacked accordingly for each individual guest. The staggered sizes of the event cards ensured the guests would see each one upon opening the invitation. A single small foil mark was duplicated several times on the cover and the First Ride train passes to add a special formal-event feel while adding minimal cost.

Additional design credit:  Leah Janz, badge art;  Mod & Co, neighborhood iconography.
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