Identity System

Memory Mine Identity

Memory Mine is a small, independent retail crafts store that sells scrapbooking supplies, beads and yarn. The goal was to create a fun, "cute and crafty" brand identity that would speak to their audience. The simple flower design is accentuated with a drop shadow to look like a cutout used in scrapbooking. The "torn" edge effect and the striped background of the letterhead also mimic various papers and patterns used in scrapbooking. The whimsical logo with beads threaded on the tail of the "y" complete this fun identity system.

For the neon-lit storefront sign, I had to retool each letter of the logo to meet minimum-width requirements. Curls were simplified and line strokes thickened, but I was careful to still keep the integrity of the logo. (And, yes, that's snow on top of the sign. Hey, it's Minnesota!)
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